Locomotive – Red Star 4-51

The match Locomotive – Red Star marked with two different half. In the first home team provided excellent resistance. That part Red Star is resolved in your favor to 10-4. Both teams played well with a lot of strong contacts. In the second part Locomotive players were left without power. Red Star took advantage and came up with a convincing victory of 51-4. In the Red Star team was excellent Miloš Kostadinović who scored three try’s, and Man of the Match Vladislav Dedic. The best in the home side was veteran Vladislav Parizov.

With this victory Red Star secure played in playoffs, after two games. Locomotive next weekend play against  Dorcol in Belgrade. The last match in the group stage Red Star play  against Kadikoy Bulls. The date of this game will be determined shortly.

Locomotive – Red Star 4-51 (4-10)

Bulgaria, Sofia 17.06.2017, Venue: RLV Stadium, Referees: Lazar Zivkovic (Serbia). Touch judges:

RLC Locomotive Sofia: Tries: 1 – Vladislav Parizov  7′ min,  Goals: Pavel Blagoev 0/1

Red Star Belgrade: Tries: 9 – Nikola Vasic 3′ min, Milos Kostadinovic 37′, 45′, 48 min, Dragan Kranjcec 51′ min, Slobodan Manak 54′ min, Denis Cengaj 60′ min, Vladislav Dedic 70′ min, Brodie Feeney 80′ min. Goals: Vladislav Dedic 2/3, Dragan Kranjcec 4/5, Aleksandar Stefulj 1/1, Drop Goals: Vladislav Dedic 1/1 – 75 min.

Locomotive Sofia: Ivan PACHARAZOV, Stefan MILENOV, Georgi ANGELOV, Martin TODOROV, Veselin PEICEV, Aleksander TOMANOV, Pavel BLAGOEV, Antonio LUBENOV, Vladislav PARIZOV, Georgi VAKLINOV, Hristan GEORGIEV, Hristan IVANOV, Hristo GEORGIEV. Substitute: Tihomir SIMEONOV, Kevork KASPARGN, Nikolaj IVANOV, Ivaylo KOLEV.

Red Star: Vladislav DEDIC, Rajko TRIFUNUVIC, Mark PULLEN, Denis CENGAJ, Mladen RANDJIC, Brodie FEENEY, Stefan NIKOLIC, Nikola VASIC, Dragan KRANJCEC, Danilo KOSANOVIC, Matej BAJIC, Adam PAVLOVIC, Slobodan MANAK, Substitute: Aleksandar STEFULJ, Milos KOSTADINOVIC.

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